Eugène Ionesco & Robert Wilson

Text by Eugène Ionesco
Direction, set design and lighting concept by Robert Wilson
Performed in Romanian

At the invitation of the National Theatre Marin Sorescu, whose artistic horizons have been broadened in the 1980s when it was run by theatre director Silviu Purcarete, American director Robert Wilson has staged Rhinoceros by Eugène Ionesco in Craiova. The enigmatic drama by the French author of Romanian descend hovers somewhere in-between surrealism, magic realism and the absurd and has been a perfect vehicle for Wilson’s imagination and creative drive. In company with a 30-member ensemble Wilson has created a theatrical madness, in which imagination runs wild, pushing the limits of logic and classical perception of the world. People are slowly turning into rhinoceroses, reality gives way to irreality, and the theatre magic dispels all bleak visions of the world and affords views further beyond, across other dimensions. What Ionesco aimed to do with the language, Wilson does with images. The corpulent bodies and expressive faces of wonderful Romanian actors draw on the rich tradition of European avant-garde theatre and silent movies extending from Gordon Craig and Max Reinhardt to Charlie Chaplin and Cabaret Voltaire.


RUSSIA / Voronezh
Voronezh Concert Hall
2-4 June 2016

SLOVENIA / Ljubljana
Cankarjev dom
20-21 March 2016

ROMANIA / Craiova
National Theatre “Marin Sorescu”
2 July 2014 (première), 12 October 12 2014, 2 November 2014
18 – 19 June 2015

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