Surrealist and atmospheric, “REVERIE“ is a dive into the unconscious. Like a visit to wonderland, the work conjures up characters that are transformed, tested and embodied within dream-like worlds that audiences will find strangely familiar.

The performance “Reverie” is an invitation into an allegorical universe, inhabited by figures who are at times welcoming and familiar, at others weird and forbidding. Characters draw memories forth into the present, building a world in which all sense of time is lost, a world that swirls as in a dream.

With humour, irony, and an air of the surreal, the dancers tackle myths and archetypal forms, constantly crossing from the personal to the collective and blurring the borders between the real and the imaginary.

What really lies hidden behind these masks? How do memories – and the past in general – shape our collective narratives? The performance swings between the realistic and the magical, activating the imagination and inviting audiences into a fairytale world where everything is allowed and everything changes.

The performance “Reverie” is influenced by the theories of Carl Jung, who argued that myths and dreams are fundamental manifestations of the collective unconscious, which is common to all humankind and has been shaped over time. Myths, collective stories, art, and even religion contribute specific forms and symbols to human culture that constitute a space held in common. Through the use of these symbolic forms, the work creates associative connections between the known and the unfamiliar, light and dark, dreams and reality, the personal and the collective, and thus sheds light on how fragile and variable these equilibria are.

The choreographers Georgia Tegou and Michalis Theophanous create dance performances that inhabit highly visual environments. Influenced by architecture, sculpture and the visual arts, they use the movement of bodies to depict aspects of the human condition. The end result is a blend of contemporary dance, visual physical theatre and performance art.


Bath / UK
Bath Spa University Theatre
23 November 2023

Steep, Petersfield / UK
Bedales Theatre
22 November 2023

London / UK
Dance Umbrella – The Place
07-08 October 2022

Athens / GREECE
Onassis Stegi
01-02 February 2020

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