Irina Brook

Imagine a young Japanese Hamlet, or any anxious youth of today,or someone you know, or maybe yourself, locked in a bedroom, victim of the “hikikomori” syndrome, refusing to go out, lying on a bed with the curtains closed. The outside world is the enemy, life is all contained in one’s imagination.

Suddenly the question “To be or not to be?” takes on a whole new meaning, more relevant than ever. It may be the ultimate question of our time.

House of Us is Irina Brook’s ambitious dream to create a project that is rooted in her own very personal life, through a very intimate, fragile mood that unexpectedly opens up and embraces the work and experiences of young artists, and creators of all ages and backgrounds, worldwide.

House of Us is essentially about isolation and loneliness. Irina began to imagine this project long before the world got hit by the pandemic, and whilst the main subjects of the work appear more relevant than ever today, they have always been central questions to our humanity.

House of Us will develop through accumulation and modularity. With a handful of collaborators Irina creates, over several months
a dialogue with groups of young actors / performers / students from various countries, a series of virtual and real rooms where the participants and the public experience the work in person.

At present, the project is supported by a three year residency with the Teatro Stabile del Veneto, starting with a coproduction at the Teatro Biondo di Palermo, the Teatro della Pergola Florence, and the French Season at SPAC in Japan. The piece will grow through a continuous exchange with each local community of students and artists.


ITALY / Palermo
Palazzo Sant’Elia
29 September – 03 October 2021

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