// the things we know we knew are now behind

RELIC [2015] was a domestic scene, its lone mortal lost in a terrestrial world after the end of reason.

TITANS [2017] created an alien space for two, its co-dependent deities inhabiting a metaphysical realm in a time before reason.

The new tragic comedy by Euripides for 2019 – ELENIT – further expands this universe. An ensemble piece for ten creatures and a wind turbine, ELENIT forgoes all reason to forge a space without past or future. A monumental system interested only in the urgency of the moment. A place where the things we know we knew are now behind.


World première
GREECE / Athens
Onassis Stegi
28 November-01 December, 04-07 December 2019

BELGIUM / Brussels
Les Halles de Schaerbeek
06-07 March 2020

Festival DDD – TMSJ
21-22 April 2020

// more international dates coming soon //

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