A project by Euripides Laskaridis // Osmosis

In the curated chaos that characterizes the universe of Euripides Laskarides, absurdity and constant transformation create a world both deeply personal and meta-realistic. Touchingly absurd characters are consumed in excavating worlds that reveal other worlds, more and more strange, more and more uncanny.

The uncovered images—fragmented memories of an everyday reality, insistently detailed and ingeniously twisted—drive the (already gender-fluid) characters into endless transformations. In the strange creatures who occupy the stage, elements of a moving truth mingle with a subversive, often hilarious sense of humor, creating a kind of tragicomedy.

Yet while most tragicomedies center on a single grotesque character, this time the stage is inhabited by three tireless creatures and a “body machine”: a dance of moving scene sets, lights, and bodies, inspired by the hyperbole of a spectacle projected in an absolute present. We’ve learned whatever we had time to learn. Everything is now past…

// the things we know we knew are now behind

RELIC [2015] was a domestic scene, its lone mortal lost in a terrestrial world after the end of reason.

TITANS [2017] created an alien space for two, its co-dependent deities inhabiting a metaphysical realm in a time before reason.

The new tragic comedy by Euripides for 2019 – ELENIT – looks to further expand this universe. An ensemble piece for three creatures and a machine, it introduces too a chorus of many bodies to create an endlessly-animated backdrop to the action, a scrolling tableau that is also a world of its own.

ELENIT will forgo all reason to forge a space without past or future. A monumental machine interested only in the urgency of the moment. A place where the things we know we knew are now behind.


World première
GREECE / Athens
Onassis Stegi
28 November-01 December, 04-07 December 2019

BELGIUM / Brussels
Les Halles de Schaerbeek
06-07 March 2020

// more international dates coming soon //

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